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Automating Data Collection and Analysis

  • The eCPIC system (pronounced E-see-pick) is a web-based, government-owned technology solution that automates capital planning and portfolio management practices.  Federal agencies use eCPIC to manage information technology (IT) and non-IT portfolios plus make submissions to the Federal IT Dashboard.

    The General Services Administration manages eCPIC and provides a complete range of support services via inter agency agreements.

  • 1.  Unlimited number of users

    2.  Hosting Services at the Moderate Security Level

    3.  Help Desk Support – Tier 1 and Tier 2

    4.  Enhancements – Four per year

    5.  Membership in the steering committee

    6.  Services to Improve use of eCPIC

    7. Training Choices

    8.  Dedicated Project Management

  • 1.  Complete turnkey solution
    2.  Quick Setup & Startup
    3.  Intuitive to Use, Simple to Manage
    4.  Customizable for 100% alignment to agency processes and without programming
    5.  Seamless integration with OMB reporting requirements
    6.  Access data in agency systems for holistic view
    7. Access to all training materials for Do-It-Yourself training
    8.  More time to use palette of analytical tools
    9.  Lessons learned from agencies in eCPIC Community


Daniel York
Program Manager, Capital Planning and eCPIC
Phone: 202-357-9624 Email: