Product Support

The support services of the eCPIC solution are an essential component for successful implementation and use of the tool at an agency. Agencies that partner with GSA for the use of the eCPIC system receive maintenance and technical support with questions, requests for functionality changes or enhancements, or issues occurring at their agency from a centralized help desk operating from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays. Extended help desk support is provided from 6 AM to Midnight within three calendar days of budget submission dates.
Partner agencies also receive a suite of support services, including software updates, user documentation, site visits, and training on enhancements.
Upon each release or update to the eCPIC software, all documentation is updated to reflect the changes or modifications to the solution. These documentation sets are available from the eCPIC help desk or for download from the members section of the eCPIC Resource Center (ERC) – the centralized website and workcenter for eCPIC Partner Agencies. Included with each release is a Version Description Document (VDD) that contains installation instructions, a list of Change Requests (CRs) addressed in the release, and release notes that detail key topics relating to the eCPIC software.